Friday, July 26, 2013



You've showed me how such beautiful things can also, suffer. Your tears, the harsh words, the nights turned away; they show me much. They show me how much I love you, how much you need me and as well how much I need you. Being with you, has showed me how hard it really is to express your love, all of it. As much as I try and think of new ways to show this love in my body to you, it's quite impossible. It's sad but also a great thing. I feel like a never ending ocean, getting deeper and deeper. No matter how many buckets are taken from me; big or small my water will never fully be drained. My water is your love, and you my dear are the only one allowed to take buckets into me. You're the only one allowed to submerge yourself into my ocean, where my loving water will surround you, never will you drown. I can use all the words in the universe, in different phrases, cheesy and long poems, letters that took hours to think of and none of them will ever be able to describe exactly how much I love you.

Negativity is something I want to fight, away from you. I want to take swords of wisdom, made by lovers of the history and destroy all the negativity from your mind. I want to wrap you up in my arms, having them extend and touch every part of your beautiful body. I wish I could whisper into your ear how beautiful you are and my words would plant into your mind, sprouting a forest of confidence. I've used beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, but none of them even compare to your strong, glowing beauty. 

I can say I'm proud, to have such a marvelous lady. You take me in and care for me, support me and never leave my side (even when times may get horrible). We both get scared at times, that one may leave (deep down we know the other won't). This love is way to strong to break, to bend, to burn, to melt, to be destroyed. No matter who may step in and try to tear us apart, they'll be walking away just making us stronger. 

I've made to many plans with you, to lie about my love. I may be young, but I know what my mind and heart say, and they both speak the truth. I'm glad I've done something right, something fantastic, and that thing I did was falling in love with you.